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I was originally planning on trading this, but honestly the world is in a shit state at the moment, I know a lot of Six fans have had major problems with exam cancellations and basically we need some positive energy in the world right now. The boot is HD with full original WE cast, very little washout, great quality, and no bar obstructing it.

NFT except through master means that the person who took the video did not agree to let the video go on youtube and is very unhappy about it. So, by spreading this boot around, you are ensuring less future content and boots. If you know anyone who has been given this boot and is trading it or is giving the link out, please alert them and tell them not to!

Please report!! So I have recently become absolutely obsessed with six the musical so if anyone has the bootleg I would be eternal greatful if you could slide it my way.

bootleg six the musical

Please take a moment to appreciate this new musical, a feminist twist on English history with a diverse cast and songs from different modern genres. Well, I did it. Use it wisely kids! How does that many people have a NFT like I am not asking for it because I will wait til September especially if quarantine continues.

I thought hearing Grace Aragon and Courtney Seymour was an experience. Watching it? JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Please do not share outside tumblr. This is my audio. Most importantly, enjoy!!! Bless all you queens. Show more notes. Six the Musical - The Lowry - 11th December Jarneia Richard-Noel Catherine of Aragon and ensemble Please take a moment to appreciate this new musical, a feminist twist on English history with a diverse cast and songs from different modern genres.

Is there any bootleg of Six with the recording cast? I was wondering if anyone was so kind and gifting the Six the Musical bootleg? Cleves: Can I have some of your ashes? Howard: Okay. But why? Cleves: I want to keep a small amount in a plastic bag. Seymour: WTH. Why would yo- Cleves: Shush.The musical was first presented by Cambridge University students at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in It has since gone on to professional productions in the West End and internationally.

The show opens with the six Queens performing an opening number in pop-concert, girl-group fashion introducing themselves.

They also welcome the audience to the performance "Ex-Wives". They address the crowd and tell them that this show will feature a competition, and whoever had the "biggest load of B. Catherine of Aragon starts off and recounts her marriage to Henry and later annulment, and almost being put into a nunnery when he began lusting after Anne Boleyn "No Way".

When Aragon claims that she is the winner, the other Queens mention Anne and how she overlapped with Aragon during the former's marriage, resulting in said annulment "Anne Boleyn Interlude "and Anne recounts her time as Queen with Henry and her eventual execution "Don't Lose Ur Head".

She then continues to argue that she deserves to win the competition due to her execution and further begins to sing a new solo 'about the moment [she] found out Catherine of Aragon had tragically died'. This attempted solo is interrupted by the other queens. Jane Seymour then announces it's her turn to recount what she put up with, but the other Queens mock her for not having as much to deal with as, in her words, she was "the only one he truly loved".

Jane admits that while she may have been lucky for not having to suffer at his hand, she still stood by him throughout all his faults "Heart of Stone". The story then shifts as the Queens are suddenly turned into members of Hans Holbein 's painting studio, talking about how they make the women he paints look beautiful for their portraits "Haus of Holbein".

In a set-up parodying Tinder or another similar dating site they present three women: Christina of DenmarkAmalia of Clevesand Anna of Cleves[a] Amalia's elder sister. When Henry "swipes right", so to speak, on Anna, they all assume he will marry Anna and that they will have a happy, long-lasting marriage "Haus of Holbein Playoff ". Of course, their union is ultimately ill-fated as he rejects Anna, and she pretends to make a big deal about how she is then forced to live in a beautiful palace in Richmond as a result, though she's not really complaining.

She then boasts about her riches and how since she remained unmarried after her divorce, there is no man around to tell her what to do, meaning she is able to do anything she pleases "Get Down". After the Queens point out how Anna's life doesn't sound that difficult, Anna says "Oh, well, back to the palace".

As Katherine Howard is next to go, the Queens belittle her for being "the least relevant Catherine", but Katherine retaliates by mentioning flaws in the other Queens' reasons for winning, such as how Anne Boleyn wasn't the only beheaded wife and how Jane Seymour only died due to natural causes.

She then recounts her life and the men who abused her, leading into her marriage to Henry as she breaks down, fully realizing the trauma she suffered from her relationships and how these "all-powerful men" led to her eventual beheading "All You Wanna Do". As the Queens continue to squabble about who should win the contest, a frustrated Catherine Parr puts a stop to it.

Questioning the point of it all, she brings up the fact that they're remembered solely by their shared connection to Henry, not as individuals. When they refuse to listen, claiming she has no story to tell that involves Henry, Parr tells her story, and of the accomplishments she made independently of Henry "I Don't Need Your Love".

The other Queens, realising that they've let themselves be defined by Henry for so long, stop the contest and declare that they don't need his love to feel validated as people "I Don't Need Your Love Remix ". With only five minutes left in the show after the fact, they decide to use their remaining moments on stage to "rewrite" the stories they told and sing for themselves for a change, singing together as a group rather than as solo artists and writing their own happily ever after "Six".

In all of the live performances of the show as of Julythe Queens perform an encore number that is not featured on the Original Cast Recording, which is a mashup of all the songs performed in the show minus "Haus of Holbein" called "Megasix". The audience is encouraged by the Queens to film this portion of the performance — the exception is on all USA engagements of Six after the Chicago premiere due to union rules. The idea for the musical came to Toby Marlow while studying in his final year at Cambridge University, and despite uncertainties from collaborator Lucy Moss, the pair wrote part of the show while studying for their final exams.

The Edinburgh production, and a subsequent showing back in Cambridge attracted the attention of producers Kenny Wax and Global Musicals, and they gave the show its professional debut on 18 Decemberperforming on four Monday nights, adding up to six performances altogether at the Arts Theatre. The production closed on 14 October prior to continuing its UK tour. The UK tour ended on 30 December in Glasgow.

The musical re-opened for an initial week run at the Arts Theatre on 17 January According to Chris Jones the Chicago production was a likely Broadway tryout.March 27, Luckily, with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and BroadwayHD, there is a wealth of theatrical resources available where you can find live recordings of original productions from Broadway and beyond.

Here is a guide to what is currently available, including several film adaptations, for your viewing pleasure.

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Jersey BoysFilm. Available on Netflix. Oh, Hello on BroadwayBroadway.

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Starring Nick Kroll and John Mulaney. This recording has it all: irreverent humor, too much tuna, and a special surprise comedy guest. Springsteen on BroadwayBroadway. Starring Bruce Springsteen. Shrek the MusicalBroadway. Adapted from the Tony Award-winning musical of the same name, which also earned Broadway revivals in andthis movie features the unique directorial flair of Tim Burton paired with the songs and characters that made this musical such a hit. Starring Mike Birbiglia.

American SonFilm. The Broadway play, American Son comes to Netflix in a stage-to-screen adaptation of the original play.

The film team features the same writer, director, and reprise performances by the original cast. Staged more like a play than a movie, this performance captures the same compelling energy from the Broadway version.

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CarouselConcert. Available on Amazon Prime. Julie Jordan falls in love with a charming, carefree carousel barker with a short temper. After she becomes pregnant, he resorts to extreme circumstances to get extra money to provide for his family. Fiddler on the RoofFilm. Currently running Off-Broadway in Yiddish at Stage 42, Fiddler on the Roof follows the poor milkman Tevye and his wife, Golde, as they try to grapple with their daughters wanting to break with tradition in their marriages.

Hamilton: One Shot to BroadwayFilm. Hello, AgainFilm. King LearFilm. Kiss Me, KateFilm. However, behind the scenes is where the real drama happens and chaos ensues. Through rare footage of Gwen Verdon performing in iconic stage musicals from Can-Can through Damn YankeesSweet Charity, and Chicago modern audiences can see Gwen at her best and learn the unexpected and surprising true story behind her success and career.

Following its run on Broadway, members of the original company of SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical reunited to film the show for a live audience, aired on television. Launched in with titles available, BroadwayHD is an on-demand digital streaming service that has grown to include more than titles of filmed Broadway and Off-Broadway musicals, plays, and concert events.

An American in ParisLondon. Available on BroadwayHD. After a chance encounter with Lise, a young dancer, Jerry finds himself caught up in a complicated love triangle. Kinky BootsWest End.Original Broadway Cast. King of New York. Original Cast. Crutchie Andy Richardson. Crutchie AKB. Davey Ben Fankhauser. Jack Kelly Jeremy Jordan. Jack Kelly Corey Cott. Katherine Plumber Kara Lindsay. Katherine Plumber Liana Hunt.

Spot Conlon Tommy Bracco. Henry Kyle Coffman. Albert Garret Hawe. Morris Delancey Mike Faist. Race Ryan Breslin.

bootleg six the musical

Newsies on the Viewsies. Try it! Disney Channel. Newsies on the Viewsies Papermill. Carrying the Banner on Good Morning America. Episode 1.

Where to Watch Broadway Online: The Theater Lover’s Guide to Streaming

Episode 2. Episode 3. Episode 4. Episode 5. Episode 6. Episode 8. T ommy Bracco and Ben Fankhauser Broadway. Toursies Rehearsal. More Toursies Rehearsal.It's a 75 minute production where each wife tells her story through a series of rock songs. A cast recording is available on Spotify - although only two of the people on the recording are in the present cast. My understanding is that the new London run is not a limited run - although they are only selling tickets for a limited period.

bootleg six the musical

That is not the current Catherine Howard 5 - Beheaded - but is the swing. My daughter is obsessed with the show. Impossible2 said: " My best mate has been raving about this for months,I am going to catch it when it comes back in January. My mate saw it in Manchester and said it's incredible. It's a brilliant show that I'm sure has its sights set on New York. Miles2Go2 said: " Would Ars Nova be a good fit? I don't know if I could picture this, as it looks now, on Broadway.

But I could see it being popular off for sure and perhaps developed in time to something bigger and more Broadway worthy. To those that know it, is it just songs or is there dialogue as well? God I hope there is dialogue, it would be amazing to have these women talking with one another.

Sort of an Assassins vibe. Didn't all know one another but they identify with one another. Scarlet Leigh said: " I had never heard of this musical before they made the announcement of it's return for the limited run a few days ago and I have been very interestedsince. I definitely we get to see it in some form in NYC.

It looks fascinating, and I've heard good things from a couple friends who have seen it. As others have said, I don't see any reason for this to go to Broadway, but I'm sure plenty of producers and theatre companies would love to put it up.

I bet it would fit well at the Public. They could even do it at Joe's Pub. Aside from them, maybe Atlantic?

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Do you think this is something that could play well at New World Stage? Just putting that out there, has anything been announced to fill the space that Avenue Q is going to be vacating in the spring? Q closes April The two line up pretty well for one to move out and the other to move in.

The London run is not a "limited" run - but that doesn't mean there can't be a US cast. Another tidbit- each of the Queen's songs is "inspired" by an existing recording artist. Color me excited. Well this is spooky Tickets go on sale on January 15th. Clearly someone involved reads this board.Just saying…. I wish you all the best and please stay healthy!

THEATRE REVIEW: Six the Musical

Like they're pissed and yelling then all the sudden someone touches their hair and they just deflate and calm down completely. Also hi I am late to the writing party but since everyone is locked at home I might as well try to catch up on all of my writing work!

Like, reblog, and comment!!! Also I am almost to followers so thank y'all so much! Originally posted by filmcityworld1. To say that you had some anger issues was an understatement. Living with Beej did not help you in this situation. And it took me 5 hours just to make one leg! Beej smirked in amusement. Dewey x Reader where she is the cheer coach she is showing the girls a stunt for the next game and gets hurt.

Dewey is there for band practice and one of the cheerleaders goes to find him to help with her, because she knows Dewey and her have a crush on each other? Also feel free to send that Beetlejuice request! Originally posted by reallyhardy. Even if these performances were either a recital or a sports game that Horace Green was in. Going to the board she pointed out the schedule. So first I will need your parents to sign some permission slips that I will give you at the end of class today.

Recently the girls have shown interest in doing some more difficult moves. One of those moves being the back handspring. Her foot rolls in a very unnatural way as she falls to the ground. Summer runs through the halls knowing only one teacher who would be at the school at this time. Running for the band room she opens the door quickly on Mr.

Throwback: The Original Six The Musical Queens Practising Ex Wives (WestEnd Not Studio Cast)

Finn who is practicing with the band. Then he realized what the little girl just said. Dewey quickly rushes over as he places an arm around her shoulder helping her up. Mullins contact your parents. You guys are amazing. That all I could ask for. Last night I watched the bootleg with Presley and that part just before That Beautiful Sound reprise when Beej fans out his jacket scream at the top of your lungs if you agree.

Shoutout to segasaturn0 for the amazing Beetlejuice bootleg. Sooooooo thankful for segasaturn0 for giving a great beetlejuice boot! Hit them up if ya want it. I promise not to spread them or anything if that nature, but you would have all my thanks and love if you could help me out!!

Does anyone have the DC version of all songs, but specifically Dead Mom and the original version of Home?? Thank youu! JavaScript is required to view this site.Keep safe, be healthy, and stay creative during this uncertain time. T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more featuring designs by independent artists. Find Six The Musical gifts and merchandise printed on quality products that are produced one at a time in socially responsible ways.

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By beccasaur. Tags: six, musical, six the musical, broadway, cute, british. Six The Musical Sticker. By keira-paigeee.


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